Regional Correspondent (RC)

Unlike the Regional Directors, the RC is an elected position that must remain enrolled as full-time student pharmacists during a majority of his/her entire term of office. The role of the RC is a direct liaison to the Worthy Correspondents (WC) and between chapters, the National Office, and Grand Officers. Because Phi Delta Chi Chapters span the country, it is necessary to have an officer who can act as the link for information between the National Office and the chapters. At the same time, the RC must serve as a motivator and repository for information that can be easily accessed by chapters. The RC also works to increase participation in the Achievement Award Program, as well as regional and national Phi Delta Chi conventions. Because the RC is at the focal point of activity and information, it is key that they be able to communicate progress, problems, and needs to other Regional Officers. The RC reports directly to the GVPSA. Full details of Regional Officer roles and responsibilities may be found here.


RC Regional Team


Great Lakes Region

Regional Correspondent

Skylar Benedict (Gamma Phi)


Mid-Atlantic Region

Regional Correspondent

Taylor MacKenzie Campbell (Delta Alpha)


Midwest Region

Regional Correspondent

Brandon Gillip (Nu)



Mountain Region

Regional Correspondent

Kam Lee (Sigma)


Northeast Region

Regional Correspondent

Rachel Huynh (Alpha Omicron)



Pacific Region

Regional Correspondent

Alena Arounpradith (Beta Iota)


Southcentral Region

Regional Correspondent

Chidie Ukaegbu (Delta Beta)


Southeast Region

Regional Correspondent

Neeley Reagin (Alpha Kappa)