Achievement Award Program

2022-2023 Emory W. Thurston Award Winner, Tau Chapter, Purdue University
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Achievement Award Program

The Achievement Award Program (AAP) rewards chapters for their promotion, recognition, and outcomes of our Fraternity’s pillars. The AAP consists of 5 Thurston reports that are completed over the course of the school year. Report submissions are optional, although strongly encouraged.

Each report is judged by Grand or Regional Officers and distinguished Brothers, and is worth 20% of the chapter’s overall Thurston Award score. The top five chapters for each Thurston Report are recognized at the annual banquet.

The chapter with the highest combined score for the year receives the coveted Emory W. Thurston Grand President's Award and the Ron Corey Excellence Scholarship, the highest honor for a collegiate chapter in Phi Delta Chi.

Completion of the AAP is facilitated by the chapter’s Worthy Correspondent with assistance from the entire chapter.


2023-24 AAP Report Instructions

Report Instructions may also be found in the Files section of each collegiate Brother's GreekTrack account.

Additional Reports:
Outstanding Chapter Advisor Nomination