Regional Officers

Each region has three officers; two of which (the Regional Directors for Collegiate Affairs and Alumni Affairs) are appointed by the Executive Council. The third is the Regional Correspondent, which is an elected position.


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hi Delta Chi is a multi-dimensional organization that requires flexible leadership to meet its needs. By working as a team on multiple levels, its leadership will be able to provide the products and services chapters need to succeed. The eight regional teams of the Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity each consist of three Brothers: the Regional Director for Collegiate Affairs, the Regional Director for Alumni Affairs, and the Regional Correspondent (RDCA, RDAA, and RC). These regional teams are responsible for the growth and success of their respective regions within the goals and expectations outlined by the Executive Council. Each regional team functions as the main advisory and support system for its chapters.

The regional team collaborates to manage the activities of the region they represent. Some activities include serving as either secretary or parliamentarian at the Regional Conference, participating on Chapter Excellence and Quality (ChEQ) visit teams, and partaking in the Fraternity’s Officer Training Retreat. Attendance at these various meetings and visits will require that the Regional Officers be able to travel throughout their region and country on a few occasions throughout the year. Regional Officers are expected to attend Regional Conferences and Grand Councils and their attendance at Leader-Development Seminars is encouraged.

The Grand Vice President for Student Affairs (GVPSA), Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs (GVPCA), and Grand Vice President for Alumni Affairs (GVPAA) advise and support the Regional Officers by enabling them to effectively execute any strategic plan the regional team has to assist collegiate chapters in meeting their needs. Regional Officers are obligated to communicate with their respective Grand Officer on at least a monthly basis. The regional team should also communicate frequently to have a shared understanding of what is going on with each of their chapters.

Every interested Brother should have the chance to apply for a regional office position. The Executive Director is always accepting of your 

The two-year appointments for RDCA and RDAA will be made by the Executive Council during Grand Council on odd numbered years. RC are elected at a Regional Caucus during the Grand Council or the Final Business Session of the Regional Conference meeting.

If you have questions about Regional Officer positions, please contact the Grand Officer for that particular area:

RDAA: Grand Vice President for Alumni Affairs

RDCA: Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs

RC: Grand Vice President for Student Affairs