About Us


To provide a lifelong home for pharmacy professionals inspiring Brotherhood, Leadership, Service, and Scholarship



Phi Delta Chi:

  • Is a diverse, committed, and engaged Brotherhood of students and alumni
  • Is widely recognized for empowering Brothers to lead and serve
  • Offers programs and experiences that support Brothers across all stages of their lives
  • Has a vibrant national network of both collegiate and alumni chapters
  • Sustains a strong pipeline of leaders actively engaged in the pharmacy profession
  • Has a robust and agile infrastructure to support growth in a dynamic environment
  • Maintains a closely aligned partnership with the Pharmacy Leadership  & Education Institute (PLEI) to deliver value to the Brotherhood


Values - What we stand for

Purpose-driven Leadership
  • We are forward-looking leaders advancing both the pharmacy profession and quality health care.
  • We pursue opportunities for self-improvement and empowerment of others.
  • We are accountable to high standards of personal and professional excellence.

Brothers For Life

  • We create relationships based on trust, responsiveness and mentorship.
  • We forge deep and lasting bonds with one another.
  • We remain committed to one another throughout our lives. 
Selfless Service
  • We are actively involved in supporting each other and our community.
  • We pursue volunteerism, philanthropy and patient-centered care.
  • We are passionate about contributing to the greater good.
Lifelong Learning
  • We believe a sound education is essential to our success as pharmacy professionals.
  • We are dedicated to scholastic excellence.
  • We are committed to continuous professional development.