Strategic Plan 2023-2028

Infrastructure and Function: Refine structure, resources, and communication methods to optimize Fraternity operations to support the Brotherhood

  • Optimize the number and responsibilities of Fraternity leaders for organizational efficiency and financial sustainability
  • Define expectations for Fraternity leaders and establish a system for training and performance improvement

Preparing Brothers: Implement a uniform, effective, and engaging development pathway for Brothers and Fraternity leaders

  • Standardize Fraternal education for prospects, candidates, and Brothers
  • Train Fraternity leaders and provide resources to meet the expectations of their roles

Foundational Experience: Empower all chapters to meet or exceed Chapter Standards

  • Equip chapters with resources and educate Brothers to achieve Chapter Standards
  • Improve the efficiency and validity of chapter performance evaluation

Connections: Offer novel experiences that strengthen Brotherhood connections and foster development

  • Evaluate and refine how current programming meets Brothers’ needs and fosters serendipitous connections
  • Create opportunities for Brothers to lead, learn, and serve in a safe environment as authentic, vulnerable, and diverse individuals