Why Join Phi Delta Chi?

Dear Interested Student,

Congratulations on your acceptance into one of the most competitive programs in the country! I am so glad you took the time to look into Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity. I hope it has been recommended to you by now to get involved in student organizations on your campus. I agree wholeheartedly. What will set you apart from your colleagues and prove beneficial to your career are the experiences that allow you to grow personally & professionally and that help mold you into a strong leader. Our organization affords individuals these opportunities and much more.


Phi Delta Chi is a Fraternity dedicated to promoting leadership, scholarship, service to our communities, the profession of pharmacy, and Brotherhood. Our members have the opportunity to serve in various leadership roles and also participate both locally and nationally in professional projects throughout their collegiate and professional careers. The Fraternity also prides itself on our ongoing support to St. Jude Children's Hospital our national philanthropic partner for which we have raised nearly 1 million dollars for since 1995.


These opportunities provide our members with the chance to create the perfect balance between socialization, service, and professionalism. I want to encourage you to contact a member of Phi Delta Chi at your school and ask what the chapter is doing on campus to exemplify our organization's Mission, Vision, & Values and learn how you can become a candidate for membership.


I truly believe I am a better person, outstanding leader, and an excellent pharmacist from my involvement in Phi Delta Chi. I hope you will us as your first choice when deciding which organization to be a part of.




Landon Weaver, PharmD 

Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs

Phi Delta Chi Fraternity

Leaders in Pharmacy - Brothers for Life