Brothers often look for ways to give back to the Fraternity through volunteerism outside their chapter. Whether it be through committee work, conference facilitation, or monetary donation, a little AAAE goes a long way in our organization!


To recruit and utilize the best Brothers for the job, it is necessary to explain the qualifications and duties of the positions in addition to clearly conveying the expectations for holding each office. To avoid underutilizing Phi Delta Chi’s most precious resource, our network of willing Brothers, the EC members are building a list of “Brothers Who Want More.” The tool will be passed onto the next executives, so that Brothers throughout time will be offered new and exciting opportunities to stay active in the Fraternity.


Should you be a “Brother Who Wants More” please contact the GVPCA so you can get involved with new and exciting projects that will help Phi Delta Chi meet her many goals while helping you to meet your personal fulfillment goals!