Travel Grant Scholarship

PLEI and Phi Delta Chi Travel Grant Video Competition

The Video Competition is an opportunity for your chapter to secure funding to attend Grand Council. Grants are awarded to the 1st place ($500), 2nd place ($400), and 3rd place ($300) chapters. The winning chapters will be announced at the beginning of May, and the monetary awards will be presented to the winning chapters at or prior to Grand Council.

Content Theme
Once a Brother, Always a Brother

Content Format
Content can range from, but is not limited to, a video, song, photograph, painting, sculpture, comic, etc. Please make sure to capture in some way how your chapter was able to create this content.

Content Style
Chapters may determine the style of their content: serious, informative, tear-jerker, funny. We encourage any type of submission the chapter deems necessary to tell their story.

Video Length (if applicable)
Videos may be a maximum of 5 minutes. If a video goes over in length, it will not be reviewed.

Via GreekTrack by the Worthy Correspondent (similarly to how a monthly ChEQ form is submitted). Videos and songs will need to be submitted via a public online platform (e.g., Youtube). Artwork can be photographed and submitted via GreekTrack.

March 31 by 11:59pm ET

If you have any questions, please reach out to your region's RC or the GVPSA.