The Founders of Phi Delta Chi

Phi Delta Chi’s founders have long since passed away, but these short notes begin to paint their portrait:

Charles Edward Bond (1864-1949) spent most of his life in Maryland where he was a manufacturer, contractor, machine shop owner, and farmer.

Franklin Herbert Frazee (1863-1931) was an official of the United Drug Company in Boston early in the 20th century.

Llewellyn Hall Gardner (1862-1904) was with Frederick Sterns and Company in Detroit where he died after suffering from tuberculosis for 10 years.

Calvin Pomeroy Godfrey (1863-1934) practiced pharmacy for 11 years, and then was a savings and loan company officer, an editor. He also held several public positions, including state representative.

Adolph Gustave Hoffman (1863-1887) practiced pharmacy in Brooklyn, NY, Burlington, IA, and finally in Hot Springs, AR where he died only three years after graduation.

Arthur Gilliam Hopper (1862-1912) was a pharmacist all his life in and around Alpena, Michigan.

Charles F. Hueber (1862-1940) was a pharmacist for most of his life in Port Huron, Michigan.

George Pawling Leamon (1862-1894) became a physician in the Dakota Territory where he practiced until his early death.

Arthur Sidney Rogers (1862-1932) became an outstanding specialist in eye, ear, nose, and throat and was a prominent citizen of Saginaw, Michigan.

Azor Thurston (1861-1922) followed pharmacy for most of his life, but also served as state chemist in Ohio as well as being in many business and civic enterprises in Grand Rapids, Ohio.

Albert Tenney Waggoner (1860-1931) was connected with pharmacy all his life in, or near, Topeka, Kansas.

Phi Delta Chi Founders