Support Collegiate Brothers

Supporting Collegiate Brothers can be a gratifying experience for Alumni Brothers. It provides an opportunity to give the next generation of Phi Delta Chi Brothers a sampling of the knowledge and experiences you gained while still in school.  Some of the great ways to give back to Collegiate Brothers are below, but be creative as you think how you can share in your own unique ways.

  • Review CVs or help prepare Brothers for interviews
  • Give a seminar of your area of work
  • Be a guest speaker at a non-formal meeting
  • Create a scholarship for Collegiate Brothers from your Chapter
  • Tutor Brothers who need extra help in school
  • Sponsor Brothers’ attendance to Grand Council, Regional Conferences, or LDS
  • Serve as a mentor to Brothers seeking professional advice
  • Host or support Collegiate Chapter retreats or meetings
  • Sign up to be a preceptor for the school or college of pharmacy so Brothers can perform experiential rotations at your practice


If you are supporting a Collegiate Chapter in an innovative way and you would like to get more Alumni Brothers involved, please email the GVPAA (