Selfless Servant Award

Phi Delta Chi
Selfless Servant Honor


What is a selfless servant?  A Selfless Servant is the embodiment of what it means to serve the fraternity without asking for anything in return, the humble, behind the scenes but always present Brothers. The Alumni Affairs Team established the Selfless Servant honor through the National Office in 2017 to honor those alumni who have selflessly served the fraternity and Brotherhood.


Purpose and Philosophy

The heart of this award and main purpose is to recognize those alumni who have gone above and beyond to give back and serve the Brotherhood. It is those alumni who enthusiastically volunteer and donate their time, but rarely are recognized. Those alumni who quietly, but honorably serve their chapters. Those alumni who avoid recognition.


Eligible Nominees

All alumni within Phi Delta Chi are eligible to be selected as a recipient of the Selfless Servant honor. More specifically, we will be looking for those Brothers who have never held a national or regional position but have been dedicated and active within the organization. In general, we are looking for those alumni who have been an alumni for 10 or more years.

  • Alumni Brother

  • Graduated more than 10 years ago

  • Never held Regional or National Officer positions

  • Showcased dedication to the Fraternity

  • Has remained an active Brother throughout the years


Criteria for Selection

Nomination must be received by deadline - May 12th of Grand Council years.

Nominated Brother must meet eligibility requirements for consideration. If the nominated Brother does not meet graduation year criteria, the nominee’s application will be considered when they are eligible.


There is no maximum or minimum number of honors to be awarded each Grand Council.


Method of Nomination

Nominations may be made at anytime before May 12th during a Grand Council year. Nominations can be submitted using the Selfless Servant Award Nomination Form or sent directly to the Grand Vice President for Alumni Affairs at    


Method of Award Recipient Selection

The Grand Vice President for Alumni Affairs, along with the Alumni Affairs Team will determine and vote on all recipients of this honor.  


Announcement and Recognition

The Selfless Servant honors will be handed out by the Grand Vice President for Alumni Affairs during the formal banquet at Grand Council. All recipients of the Selfless Servant honor will be acknowledged and awarded a uniquely created Selfless Servant pin.

Selfless Servant Pin Description

The intent behind the pin is to remind us of our oaths and obligations as alumni. It serves as a reminder that it is an honor to be an alumnus and to serve Phi Delta Chi. The shape of the pin was designed to be an equilateral triangle as a reminder of our unity and equality within our organization. The Fleur-de-lis is a symbol to remind us of honor and devotion to our fraternity as alumni - a reminder that as an alumnus, our crowning glory is to serve. The rampant lions are strategically place underneath and on each side to support the Fleur-de-lis. The rampant lions are a symbol of our alumni as they should always support and command respect from the Fraternity. The Alpha, Omicron, and Omega represent the life stages of our alumni. The Alpha represents the beginning as a candidate and the Omega represents the “end” or the alumni status of our alumni. The Omicron represents the dedication to Phi Delta Chi and the devotion each of our Brothers take upon initiation.   


Selfless Servant Award Recipients


Year Name ChapterClass of 
2023W. Steven Pray
Alpha Omega
2019Peggy CarverAlpha2008
 2019 Tony GuerraIota 1997
2019Brett LaudeAlpha Theta2000
2019Joseph LaRochelleIota2006
2019Kirk HevenerOmega2005
2017Edward A Larimer Alpha Psi 1969
2017Jerry Fu Omega2005
2017Sejal Patel  Alpha Omicron 2008
2017 Ron Ward Alpha Upsilon1982
2017 Brooke Greene Alpha lota2000
2017Daniel Winkelmann Beta Delta 1987
2017Macary Marciniak Alpha Gamma2000
2017Jason VarinTheta1992