New Graduate Coin

Commemorative Graduation Coin

For New Grad Dues Payers


Phi Delta Chi has begun a tradition to help commemorate your graduation from pharmacy school and your beginnings as a Phi Delta Chi Alumni Brother. Starting for the Class of 2011, each new graduate who pays their Alumni dues will receive an official Phi Delta Chi coin that is minted with your graduation year. The coin will have the Greek letters and “Leaders in Pharmacy” on one side. The other side will display the crest, the motto, and “Brothers for Life.”


All you have to do to get your Graduation Coin is to pay your first year Alumni Dues of $40.


**NEW from Grand Council 2019 if you pay your New Grad dues by September 30 of your graduation year, you will receive the $40 discounted rate for the first three years after graduation.


These New Grad Dues will assure that you have taken the first step to being a Brother for Life. If you have any questions about the coin, please contact me at .