Leader-Development Seminar (LDS)

The Leader-Development Seminar (LDS) was first held in conjunction with the 57th Grand Council (Monterey, 1989). The LDS is an opportunity to further develop Phi Delta Chi Brothers as Leaders in Pharmacy. Working in cooperation with the Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute, Phi Delta Chi offers a week dedicated to develop and strengthen the leadership skills of its Brothers. Rotated around the country, the LDS is stand-alone program held in the summer of even-numbered years. All future leaders in Phi Delta Chi are encouraged to attend.

Leader-Development Seminars have been held in the following years at these cities:


1st1989Monterey, California
2nd1990Chapel Hill, North Carolina
3rd1991Baltimore, Maryland
4th1992Chapel Hill, North Carolina
5th1994Chapel Hill, North Carolina
6th1996Ann Arbor, Michigan
7th1998Ann Arbor, Michigan
8th2000Athens, Georgia
9th2002Denver, Colorado
10th2004Kansas City, Missouri
11th2006Ann Arbor, Michigan
12th2008Austin, Texas
13th2010Madison, Wisconsin
14th2012Lexington, Kentucky
15th2014Tampa, Florida
16th2016St Louis, Missouri
17th2018Virginia Beach, Virginia
 2020Postponed to 2022
18th2022Arlington, Texas