Honorary Brothers

60th GC 1995

The initiation of Lucinda Maine, PhD, senior director for scientific policy of the American Pharmaceutical Association, as an honorary Brother was deferred due to a medical emergency of Dr. Maine. In her place, Stephanie·. J. Phelps from the University of Tennessee presented Dr. Maine's comments, entitled "Hey, Doc, Can You Fix My Carburetor?" {Annex B).


71st GC 2017

The Executive Council was approached by Brother John Grabenstein with the Delta Chapter to consider a nomination for an Honorary Brother in 2016. With over 40 referred papers, almost 150 contributed papers, 6 book chapters, 14 books, over 15 book reviews, and participation as a member of 5 editorial boards Dennis B Worthen is one of pharmacy’s most accomplished historians.  He authored a regular series in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association titled “Heroes of Pharmacy.” These serve as wonderful succinct biographies for over ten of Phi Delta Chi’s greats. He wrote Phi Delta Chi’s World War II Fallen in the Spring 2010 edition of The Communicator.  He co-authored a piece with John Grabenstein in the Spring 2012 Communicator titled “Phi Delta Chi Loses a Great Leader: Lawrence C Weaver.” He also helped editor John Grabenstein in countless ways in the preparation of Phi Delta Chi’s 2nd edition of our History book and most recently with a historical worksheet for the PLEI leadership book.  Dennis has been intertwined with Phi Delta Chi for many years and it only seems fitting to officially recognize him with the title of Honorary Brother. Dennis B. Worthen, PhD, was officially initiated as an Honorary Brother of the Delta Chapter on August 5, 2017 during the 71st Grand Council held in Washington, DC.