Grand Vice President for Financial Affairs (GVPFA)

About This Office

The duty of the Grand Vice President for Financial Affairs will be to supervise and review the finances of the fraternity. The GVPFA will have access to account statements, be responsible for the management of the annual budget, and serve as Chair of the Finance Committee. The GVPFA primarily serves as a “checks and balance” and to make recommendations to the Executive Council regarding security of our finances. The GVPFA shall deliver to that person’s successor all documents and property belonging to the office.

Yancey Lockhart, PharmD

Yancey aka “Biggie-Me” (Gamma Gamma #68) has been an active and enthusiastic Brother since before initiation, attending his first regional gathering as a Recruit in 2010. He attended his second initiation/ chapter activation (Gamma Xi) a mere week after his own. He has also attended numerous other chapter activations including Gamma Chi (Prospective Chapter Coordinator), Delta Alpha and Gamma Omega. He has been a diligent member of multiple committees including Grand Council Planning, Finance (chair), OTC Workshop Revision (chair), Ritual Revision, and others. He also served as assistant parliamentarian at the 72th Grand Council in Anaheim. Yancey is a 2013 graduate of the Appalachian College of Pharmacy in Oakwood, Virginia. He is also a 2020 Graduate of The University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business/McIntire School of Commerce: Masters of Science in Business Analytics.

Yancey was privileged to be elected GVPFA at the 74th Grand Council in Houston, Texas in 2023. Yancey previously served the Phi Delta Chi Professional Fraternity as a Project Director fulfilling the Duties of Treasurer from 2018 till 2021. He is excited to once again offer to serve his fraternity at the highest level. During his tenure as the Treasurer of PDC; he took on an advisory role related to management of day to day finances. He also oversaw the implementation of an investment policy that has provided long term financial stability for the fraternities greater than one million dollars in assets. This included working with the EC and Executive Director to help draft the initial request for proposal, interviewing firms, determining the amount to invest, as well as signing off on the final transfer of funds and follow up with the investment advisors to ensure continued growth of our investment portfolio.

Yancey grew up in rural Southwest Virginia and now calls the beautiful New River Valley of Virginia home where he currently works as a Pharmacy Manager for Walmart. He has been married to the love of his life Nikki for 10 years this August and enjoys being active in his community, fraternity, and church. He enjoys board games as well as playing disc golf and spending time with his furry critter (Ollie, a pit/collie mix) who is a real ham. AAAE.

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Grand Vice President for Financial Affairs
Yancey Lockhart