Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs (GVPCA)

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The duty of the Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs (GVPCA) shall be to supervise the activities of the Regional Directors for Collegiate Affairs (RDCAs) under the direction of the Grand and Executive Councils; and to deliver to that person’s successor all documents belong to the office. The GVPCA shall be responsible for the promotion of Collegiate Chapter Standards, as approved by the Grand Council and published in the Education Manual, and the Chapter Excellence and Quality (ChEQ) Program, as defined by the Executive Council in its policies and procedures. The GVPCA shall be responsible for organizing and coordinating the judging of materials from the Achievement Award Program, with support of the Executive Director and following procedures defined by the Executive Council.

Landon Weaver, PharmD
Landon Weaver grew up in Rosemount, Minnesota. After graduating high school Landon moved to Duluth, Minnesota where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2012. He stayed in Duluth for another four years while he completed his Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy in May 2016. Landon completed a residency through the University of Minnesota Postgraduate (PGY1) Pharmacy Residency Program at CentraCare Health in St. Cloud, Minnesota in 2017.  Landon currently lives in Farmington, Minnesota and is a medication therapy management pharmacist employed at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota.
Landon’s Brotherhood with Phi Delta Chi began in 2012 when he was initiated into the Beta Psi chapter of Phi Delta Chi. During his Collegiate years he served in several roles including service co-chair and Worthy Chief Counselor. As an Alumni Brother, Landon has also served as the Midwest Regional Director for Collegiate Affairs and Great Lakes Regional Director for Collegiate Affairs. Furthermore, he has served on several national committees and as a facilitator at both regional and national meetings.
In his free time Landon enjoys competing in trivia, cooking, geocaching, playing board/video games, reading, and swimming.

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Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs