Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs (GVPCA)

About This Office

The duty of the Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs (GVPCA) shall be to supervise the activities of the Regional Directors for Collegiate Affairs (RDCAs) under the direction of the Grand and Executive Councils; and to deliver to that person’s successor all documents belong to the office. The GVPCA shall be responsible for the promotion of Collegiate Chapter Standards, as approved by the Grand Council and published in the Education Manual, and the Chapter Excellence and Quality (ChEQ) Program, as defined by the Executive Council in its policies and procedures. The GVPCA shall be responsible for organizing and coordinating the judging of materials from the Achievement Award Program, with support of the Executive Director and following procedures defined by the Executive Council.

Dimitrios A. Savva, PharmD

Dimitri Savva was born and raised in Queens, New York. After high school, Dimitri enrolled in St John's University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences were he received his Doctorate of Pharmacy Degree in May 2016. After graduation, he completed a Postgraduate Pharmacy Residency (PGY1) at Childrens National Medical Center in Washington, D.C and a second year Pediatric Pharmacy Residency (PGY-2 Pediatrics) at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy/University of Maryland Childrens Hospital focusing on expanding his skills in pediatric critical care and academia. Upon completion of his PGY2 training, he returned back to the big apple where he accepted his first job as a Pediatric Clinical Pharmacy Specialist with primary area of neonatal intensive care and infant cardiac intensive care. After three years, he transitioned into his current role as Clinical Pharmacy Specialist/Manager with primary focus of pediatric critical care covering pediatric ICU, pediatric cardiac ICU and pediatric neuro ICU. He received his Board Certification in Pediatric Pharmacotherapy (BCPPS) in December 2019.

Dimitri was initiated into the Beta Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta Chi in April 2011. During his collegiate years, he served as Worth Vice Counselor, Worthy Master at Arms as well as held many lead chair positions including philanthropy chair, service chair professional relations chair and academic review board chair/creator. As an Alumni, he was one of the core founders of the Beta Alpha Alumni Chapter that was chartered in 2016. He served as the Northeast Regional Director of Collegiate Affairs for two terms between 2019-2023. Through the years, he has served on national committees and as a facilitator at regional meetings.

During his free time, Dimitri enjoys spending time with his his wife, Jackie, fur baby dog, Balto and newborn son, Andrew born April 27th 2023. In addition, he enjoys cooking, singing/musicals, breweries, and watching/playing sports as true New York Fan at heart.

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Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs
Dimitri Savva