Grabenstein Leadership Award

This award was established in 1996 to reward chapters for excelling in leadership activities on the chapter level. With the development of programs at the Leader-Development Seminars and Grand Councils, the Fraternity recognized the need to equally reward scholarship and leadership excellence in fulfilling our mission to produce Leaders in Pharmacy. At the 65th Grand Council in San Antonio, Texas, the Executive Council announced their decision to rename this award after Past Grand President, Beta Gamma Brother John D. Grabenstein, in honor of his service and dedication over nearly the last three decades. He has been an example for all Brothers to follow and his commitment to the promotion of leadership has been an inspiration and invaluable asset to the world of pharmacy, his country, and to Phi Delta Chi. This LDS program, originally written by John, has evolved into the seminar as it was presented in Ann Arbor in the summer of 2006. Chapters submit a written report as part of the Achievement Award Program, and these are judged by five past LDS facilitators or coordinators using these criteria: chapter programs promoting Leader-Development and excellence, chapter recognition of Leader-Development and excellence, outcomes of Leader-Development as evidenced by such activities as Brothers’ involvement in school and community organizations, written presentation of the report.

Award Recipients


Year EarnedChapter
2020-21Beta Nu
2019-20Alpha Psi
2017-18Beta Chi
2016-17Alpha Gamma
2015-16Alpha Gamma
2014-15Alpha Gamma
2013-14Alpha Gamma
2012-13Alpha Gamma
2011-12Alpha Gamma
2010-11Alpha Delta 
2009-10Alpha Delta
2004-05Alpha Sigma
2002-03Alpha Gamma


After 2001 Achievement Award Program shifts from calendar-year cycle (Jan-Dec) to academic cycle (fall-spring)


Year EarnedChapter
2001Alpha Gamma
2000Not Recorded
1999Alpha Gamma
1998Alpha Gamma
1997Beta Lambda
1996Beta Lambda