Chapter Standard B

Chapter Focus and Organization

Description: The Chapter shall have clearly defined strategic goals in consonance with national goals in social, scholastic, professional, and fraternal areas and an organizational structure (of officers and committees) and processes capable of attaining those goals.

The expectations of Brothers in accordance with this standard is defined in the Education Manual on page 23.


Worthy Officers

The Chapter Officers are entrusted with overseeing the local Fraternity’s progress to assure that its goals, objectives, and activities are in accordance with established standards of conduct.  The Constitution and Bylaws outlines expectations of all officers. As an Advisor, reviewing this document at the elections meeting and the first Officer Meeting each academic year would highly benefit your Chapter. Specific Worthy Officer descriptions may also be found here


Constitutional Committees

The Chapter is required to maintain certain Standing Committees such as the Executive Committee, the Financial Review Committee, the Social Committee, the Achievement Award Committee, and the Membership Committee.  Additional committees should be established based on the needs of your specific chapter.  Information about mandatory and suggested committees can be found in the Constitution and Bylaws. Specific Committee descriptions may also be found here.


The Achievement Award Program (AAP) is used to measure progress and achievements related to requirements of Collegiate Chapters.  Your Chapter’s Worthy Correspondent, in conjunction with the Achievement Award Committee, will fill out Achievement Award paperwork each month to be submitted to Regional and National Office. A full description of the AAP is available here . Many tools are available such as:

  • AAP Instructions and Overview

  • Sample Budget

  • Chapter Self-Evaluation

  • Retreat Guide

  • Chapter Officer Update Form

  • Current Chapter Standings and Performance in the AAP


 Organization of the Fraternity

Phi Delta Chi has created an Organization Chart in the Education Manual on page 44 which includes the interrelationship between all National and Regional officers. Please check out the Chain of Command letter for guidance on who to contact within the Fraternity here depending on your Chapter’s needs. Contact information for your specific region may be found here.