Alumni Foundations Program History

In 1955, Phi Delta Chi created the Achievement Award Program because of the need to better communicate with the growing and ambitious collegiate chapters that emerged from the end of World War II. Today, the Dale Doerr Achievement Award Program is the primary method for maintaining the cohesive bond between the collegiate chapters and the rest of the fraternity.
Throughout the years there have been evaluation forms to assess the activity of alumni chapters and to award an Outstanding Alumni Chapter. There are historical documents from a program in 1980, which reviewed general activities of the chapter through a series of 20 questions, essentially mirroring most key attributes we find important in chapters today.
In 1998, Phi Delta Chi created the Foundations Program to be generally analogous to the Achievement Award Program yet at the same time to be flexible enough to accommodate the wide diversity in alumni interests and alumni chapter structure. The Foundations Program serves two distinct purposes. First and foremost, it serves as a basic tool for communication between the National Fraternity Office and the alumni. Secondly, it recognizes alumni chapters that are outstanding over the course of the academic year.

Awards will be announced and given out at the awards ceremony of either LDS or Grand Council depending on the program year. The report will be due by May 31st each year to allow time for judging and production of awards.

The 2023 report is composed of two reports for determining the Outstanding Alumni Chapter Award (one required and one bonus report).
Alumni Foundation Report
In accordance with Chapter III, Number 2 of the Bylaws, alumni chapters shall submit to the Executive Council once each year a report covering information required by the Executive Council or by the Grand Council. This required report is known as the Alumni Foundation Report.

The 2022-2023 AFP report was sent to all Alumni Chapter Presidents via an email in GreekTrack.

Outstanding Alumni Chapter Showcase
The Outstanding Alumni Chapter Showcase uses some of the information provided in the Alumni Foundations Report in addition to a statement by the chapter about why they should be considered as the Outstanding Alumni Chapter. The purpose was to better gather data from our alumni chapters and to quantify their standings in regards to selecting the winner of the Outstanding Alumni Chapter each year.

The 2022-2023 Outstanding Alumni Chapter survey will be sent out to all Alumni Chapter presidents in April 2023.

Unchartered chapters and interest in forming new chapters can contact the Grand Vice President for Alumni Affairs at and the Project Director for Alumni Relations at for information on chartering their chapter. Please see the website page titled Alumni Chapter Toolkit for helpful resources to get your chapter started today.


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