Outstanding Alumni Chapter Award

1975 - 1985

Plaques are presented annually to those Chapters with the highest percentage of their alumni who are dues-paying members of the national fraternity. Chapters are divided into three groups based on the member of living alumni who have been initiated since 1920.

Group I (more than 550 living alumni)

Group II (350 - 550 living alumni)

Group III (less than 350 living alumni)


1985 - present:

Alumni compose the backbone of our Fraternity and this is one of the few ways that Phi Delta Chi can honor the accomplishments of our alumni. Over the year, each alumni Chapter is asked to fill out a series of reports detailing the social activities, professional and scholarship programs they sponsor.

YearAlumni ChapterSchool/Locality
2023Alpha SigmaUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
2022EtaMassachusetts College of Pharmacy 
2021EtaMassachusetts College of Pharmacy 
2020 Texas  The State of Texas
 2019  Alpha ThetaAlbany College of Pharmacy
2018 Texas The State of Texas
2017Alpha PsiUniversity of the Pacific
2016Alpha SigmaUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
2015EtaMassachusetts College of Pharmacy
2014No award presented. 
2013No award presented. 
2012No award presented. 
2011No award presented. 
2010EtaMassachusetts College of Pharmacy
2009Alpha SigmaUniversity of Illinois
2008EtaMassachusetts College of Pharmacy
2007Alpha SigmaUniversity of Illinois
2006No award presented 
2005No award presented 
2004No award presented 
2003No award presented. 
2002OmicronUniversity of Southern California
2001Alpha SigmaUniversity of Illinois
2000OmicronUniversity of Southern California
1999Alpha SigmaUniversity of Illinois
1998DeltaUniversity of Wisconsin
1997Alpha PsiUniversity of the Pacific
1996EtaMassachusetts College of Pharmacy
1995Alpha PsiUniversity of the Pacific
1994DeltaUniversity of Wisconsin
1993DeltaUniverisity of Wisconsin
1992Alpha PsiUniversity of the Pacific
1991Alpha PsiUniversity of the Pacific
1990DeltaUniversity of Wisconsin
1989DeltaUniversity of Wisconsin
1988Alpha PsiUniversity of the Pacific
1987DeltaUniversity of Wisconsin
1986EtaMassachusetts College of Pharmacy
1985DeltaUniversity of Wisconsin