AAAE Campaign


As collegiate Brothers move to alumni status, they owe to this Fraternity their support and their advice. Our common bond is never severed and our oaths and obligations persist. So long as each of us is a true Brother, we are Brothers for Life! The purpose of this program is to increase National Alumni Dues paying Brothers.



Collegiate chapters and alumni chapters are encouraged to solicit alumni Brothers to pay their National Alumni Dues.  The target population of alumni Brothers should be the following:

  • New graduates

  • Recent graduates who have not yet paid dues

  • Brothers who have not paid dues in 2+ years



Collegiate chapters will receive credit for each alumnus paying their National Alumni Dues. Life Member dues will count double and are included for 5 years.


For the first 15 dues paying alumni, the collegiate chapter will receive one complimentary Grand Council/LDS registration that summer. Additional registrations can be earned with 25 more dues paying alumni. Chapters will be notified by email when they reach these levels. Please follow the instructions in this message to use your discount code for free registration.


Newer collegiate chapters will receive one complimentary registration for their first two national meetings.  This will allow time to graduate Brothers and begin the process of building their alumni base.


Congratulations and thank you to our alumni!!


2024 AAAE Campaign Results:

Download final standings

TauAlpha Omega
PsiBeta Iota
Omega Beta Phi
Alpha ZetaBeta Psi
Alpha Theta Beta Omega
Alpha NuGamma Epsilon
Alpha SigmaGamma Eta
Alpha TauGamma Mu
Alpha PsiGamma Tau


2023 AAAE Campaign Results:

NuGamma Mu
TauGamma Sigma
PsiDelta Kappa (new)
Omega (2)Delta Lambda (new)
Beta AlphaDelta Mu (new)
Beta Psi 


2022 AAAE Campaign Results:

TauGamma Beta
PsiGamma Eta
Omega (3)Gamma Sigma
Alpha ZetaGamma Psi
Alpha IotaDelta Iota (new)
Alpha NuDelta Kappa (new)
Beta AlphaDelta Lambda (new) 
Beta OmegaDelta Mu (new)


2021 AAAE Campaign Results:
Free registrations will be applied to Grand Council 2023

PsiGamma Eta
Omega (2)Gamma Psi
Alpha Psi (2)Delta Iota (new)
Gamma Beta


2020 AAAE Campaign Results:
Free registrations will be applied to LDS 2022

TauBeta Alpha
PsiBeta Beta
Omega (2)Gamma Sigma
Alpha Psi 
2019 AAAE Campaign Results:
Delta Eta (new)Beta Omega
Delta Theta (new)Alpha Psi
Omega (4)Gamma Beta
Beta NuBeta Kappa
2018 AAAE Campaign Results:
Delta Epsilon (new)Alpha Omicron
Delta Zeta (new)Alpha Psi
Delta Eta (new)Beta Beta
Delta Theta (new)Beta Omega
PsiGamma Mu
Omega (2) 
2017 AAAE Campaign Results:
Xi (new)Alpha Omicron
Delta Gamma (new)Alpha Psi
Delta Delta (new)Beta Alpha
Delta Epsilon (new)Beta Beta
Delta Zeta (new)Beta Delta
PsiBeta Omega
Omega (2)Gamma Mu


2016 AAAE Campaign  Results:

AlphaBeta Kappa
ThetaBeta Omega
Xi (new)Gamma Beta
PsiGamma Theta
Omega (2)Gamma Mu
Alpha ThetaDelta Alpha (new)
Alpha OmicronDelta Beta (new)
Alpha RhoDelta Gamma (new)
Alpha Upsilon*Delta Delta (new)
Alpha Psi 


2015 Campaign AAAE Results:

Alpha Psi (2)Beta Zeta
LambdaAlpha Upsilon*
Beta BetaGamma Theta
Beta Theta (new)Gamma Chi (new)
Gamma Psi (new)Gamma Omega (new)
Delta Alpha (new)Delta Beta (new)


*Note- Due to Alpha Upsilon currently being inactive their registration money will be credited to their account currently under management by the National Office.