Thurston Award

The Grand President’s Award was first awarded in 1974 and acknowledges the best chapter of Phi Delta Chi. It symbolizes all that is good about our Fraternity. A broad base of judges, including undergraduates, alumni, Regional and Grand Officers, grade the six components of the award to provide impartiality. The Executive Director compiles and weights the individual reports to determine the ultimate winner. * Prohibition against receiving Thurston Cup two years in a row lifted after 1980 evaluation.

Award Recipients


YearChapterPharmacy School
2023Tau Purdue University
2022TauPurdue University
2021Beta Nu Rutgers University
2020Alpha PsiUniversity of the Pacific
2019Alpha PsiUniversity of the Pacific
2018Alpha PsiUniversity of the Pacific
2017AlphaUniversity of Michigan
2016Alpha GammaUniversity of North Carolina
2015Alpha PsiUniversity of the Pacific
2014PsiDrake University
2013Alpha GammaUniversity of North Carolina
2012PsiDrake University
2011PsiDrake University
2010DeltaUniversity of Wisconsin
2009OmegaUniversity of Tennessee-Memphis
2008OmegaUniversity of Tennessee-Memphis
2007Beta OmegaWingate University
2006Alpha ThetaAlbany College of Pharmacy
2005PsiDrake University
2004OmegaUniversity of Tennessee-Memphis
2003OmegaUniversity of Tennessee-Memphis
2002PsiDrake University
2001PsiDrake University
2000PsiDrake University
1999Beta GammaDuquesne University
1998Beta GammaDuquesne University
1997Beta GammaDuquesne University
1996Beta LambdaNova Southeastern University
1995Beta GammaDuquesne University
1994Beta GammaDuquesne University
1993EtaMassachusetts College of Pharmacy
1992Beta GammaDuquesne University
1991Alpha EtaWayne State University
1990DeltaUniversity of Wisconsin
1989Beta GammaDuquesne University
1988Beta GammaDuquesne University
1987Alpha EtaWayne State University
1986Beta GammaDuquesne University
1985Beta GammaDuquesne University
1984Alpha PhiButler University
1983Alpha PhiButler University
1982Beta GammaDuquesne University
1981Alpha PhiButler University
1980Alpha PsiUniversity of the Pacific
1979ChiAuburn University
1978Beta GammaDuquesne University
1977ChiAuburn University
1976Beta BetaUniversity of Louisiana- Monroe
1975Beta GammaDuquesne University
1974Beta BetaUniversity of Louisiana- Monroe