Annual Chapter Publication Award

Communication with alumni Brothers and chapter histories is recorded in our spring publications each year. Since 1982, those chapters recognized as the top three in this competition have also received scholarships. These are named in honor of Norman H. Franke, our former Grand Editor and 23rd Grand President. Brother Franke served as a Grand Officer for 16 years and greatly influenced our national publication, The Communicator. Brother Franke served as Grand Editor from 1965–1973; during this time he made many improvements to the National publication. He later served as Grand President from 1973–1978 and died in 1981. The Franke Scholarships are used by the chapters to advance professional programs within the chapters. Each chapter is encouraged to prepare at least one publication each year to keep the Grand Officers, chapter alumni and other chapters informed of activities and progress. It should serve as a historical documentation of a chapter’s activities. Norman H. Franke scholarships are awarded to the first three places. The criteria for judging the award include: Content including history and progress of chapter activities, alumni projection, professional character, arrangement and neatness. It is evaluated by the Regional Directors for Alumni Affairs using these five criteria: originality, content, format, professionalism, and interest to alumni. The size and cost of printing are not considered in judging the chapter publications.

Award Recipients


Year EarnedChapter
2021-22Alpha Iota
2019-20Not Awarded
2018-19Alpha Psi
2015-16Alpha Psi
2014-15Beta Kappa
2012-13Beta Omega
2010-11Beta Nu
2009-10Gamma Gamma
2008-09Alpha Sigma
2006-07Alpha Tau
2005-06Alpha Upsilon


Achievement Award Program shifts from calendar-year cycle (Jan-Dec) to academic cycle (fall-spring)



Year EarnedChapter
2000Not recorded
1998Alpha Theta
1997Beta Gamma
1996Alpha Psi
1995Alpha Gamma
1993Alpha, Theta
1991Theta, Beta Kappa
1990Theta, Alpha Psi
1989Beta Beta
1988Alpha Upsilon, Beta Beta
1987Theta, Alpha Psi
1986Alpha Eta
1985Alpha Rho
1983Alpha Phi
1981Alpha Psi
1980Beta Gamma
1979Alpha Psi
1978Alpha Iota
1977Beta Gamma
1975Beta Beta
1974Beta Beta