Alumni Professional Development Scholarship Recipients

Learning Never Ceases


Phi Delta Chi holds its Brothers to a high standard of scholastic and professional responsibility. We acknowledge that a sound education is essential to our success as students and as health care professionals.


Phi Delta Chi lives our “Learning Never Ceases” values through supporting professional development of our alumni Brothers through a scholarship program which was established in 2014. Alumni Brothers will be eligible to receive scholarship monies to help defray the cost of attending conferences, pursuing advanced certifications, or continuing education materials or courses. A total of eight $500 scholarships are given to alumni Brothers divided through our eight regions annually. Since its inception, more than $16,000 has been awarded to our alumni Brothers to assist in their pursuit of knowledge.


Awarded YearRegion of ResidenceAlumni BrotherGraduation YearChapter
 2022Great LakesAlyssa Rinaldi2019Xi
 2022Mid-AtlanticJohn Sarris1998Alpha Theta
 2022Mid-Atlantic (2)Sherry Kwon2012Zeta
 2022Midwest Maya Robinson2018Sigma
 2022NortheastMinh Do2005Eta
 2022PacificJohn Chris Adricula2015Gamma Iota
 2022SouthcentralPamela Bosse2015Gamma Epsilon
 2022SoutheastLaura Rhodes2015Beta Phi
Note: in 2022 Mid-Atlantic received two scholarships due to lack of applications in the Mountain Region. The second recipient was the next highest scoring application from the entire applicant pool.
2021Great LakesMai Nguyen2018Gamma Beta 
2021Mid-AtlanticBailey Eason2018Tau
2021MidwestDelaney Hart2019Theta
2021Mid-Atlantic (2)Brantley Underwood2015Alpha Omega
2021NortheastAndrew Krut2012Beta Gamma
2021PacificJairus Mahoe2016Gamma Theta
2021SouthcentralTiffany Johnson2013Gamma Eta
2021Southeast Laura Rhodes2015Beta Phi
2020Great LakesThomas Magnifico1980Beta Gamma
2020Mid-AtlanticTiffany Vu2018Beta Kappa
2020MidwestDebra Carlson2019Beta Xi
2020MountainEdmund Antone2018Beta Sigma
2020NortheastSejal Patel2008Alpha Omicron
2020PacificKevin Anderson2016Beta Omega
2020SouthcentralJerry Fu2005Omega
2020 SoutheastSean Greene2000Alpha Theta
2019PacificQuintin Broussard2014Alpha Tau
2019MountainCambria Amo2015Beta Sigma
2019SouthcentralCraig Chapman2013Alpha Omega
2019SoutheastLexie Hoffman2008Alpha Iota
2019MidwestKaren Bastianelli1990Theta
2019Mid-AtlanticJacob Northrup2015Gamma Pi
2019Great LakesPeggy Carver2008Alpha
2019NortheastKenneth Hu2018Beta Nu
2018PacificJarred Prudencio2015Gamma Theta
2018MountainJulia Olson2016Alpha Nu
2018SouthcentralCandace Sutton2013Alpha Omega
2018SoutheastLeslie Harris2014Alpha Rho
2018MidwestAnthony Pudlo2007Psi
2018Mid-AtlanticBrandon Hill2016Beta Kappa
2018Great LakesJo Bonasso1988Alpha
2018NortheastRobert Pugliese2008Beta Chi
2017PacificJennifer Polyniak2013Beta Upsilon
2017MountainChris Pavero2016Beta Omega
2017SouthcentralTraci Thompson2005Lambda
2017SoutheastJoshua Kinsey2005Alpha Rho
2017MidwestKate Grafel2015Phi
2017Mid-AtlanticAndrew Lucas2014Alpha Gamma
2017Great LakesChristopher Westrick2011Alpha Upsilon
2017NortheastHeather Kutzler2016Alpha Lambda
2016PacificErica Diamantides2014Beta Chi
2016MountainJackoline Livingston2013Alpha Zeta
2016SouthcentralNgoc Doan2014Gamma Nu
2016SoutheastChristine Corsberg2004Omega
2016MidwestBen Urick2011Psi
2016Mid-AtlanticLindsay Kunkle2010Beta Nu
2016Great LakesKevin Bozymski2015Alpha Phi
2016NortheastNicholas Angelopoulos2011Beta Alpha
2015PacificAnthony Sinconis2014Alpha Psi
2015MountainKirk Hevener2005Omega
2015Southcentral*Jason Hollingworth2005Beta Rho
2015SoutheastSara Miller2010Alpha Omega
2015MidwestPeter Ryan2014Psi
2015Mid-AtlanticEric Barbye2014Gamma Omicron
2015Southcentral*Tiffany Johnson2013Gamma Eta
2015NortheastOmar Allibhai2012Eta
Note: in 2015 since no applicants for Great Lakes Region the 8th scholarship was awarded to the next highest judging from all regions.
2014PacificRichard Dang2013Omicron
2014MountainCandido Chacon2011Sigma
2014SouthcentralAndrea Bourque2011Rho
2014SoutheastBrett Laude2000Alpha Theta
2014Midwest*Jessica Jacobo2014Phi
2014Midwest*Brett Van Rossum2014Delta
2014Mid-AtlanticAndrew Lucas2014Alpha Gamma
2014Great LakesJeffrey Tingen2009Beta Kappa
2014NortheastOwen Foley2010Alpha Theta
Note: in 2014 an extra Brother was awarded due to flaws in the first release of the award.