Alumni Brothers


Brotherhood in Phi Delta Chi does not end on graduation day. As collegiate Brothers pass to alumni status, they assume the role of supporters and advisors for their chapter and for other alumni Brothers. Our common bond of Brotherhood is never severed, even after we leave our universities and progress on in our careers.
Opportunities to stay active in Phi Delta Chi after graduation are endless. Our Brothers across the country maintain their ties to the Fraternity by joining or forming alumni chapters that focus on professional advancement in pharmacy, networking and camaraderie with nearby alumni Brothers, mentoring of collegiate Brothers, and sometimes collegiate chapter support. Our alumni Brothers serve as preceptors, residency directors, teachers, and colleagues to many of the collegiates who are just beginning their journey in Phi Delta Chi.
If you are looking for leadership opportunities, continued involvement with Phi Delta Chi is just what you need. Become a Chapter Advisor if you work for a university or college, volunteer to be a Colony Coordinator for a newly forming collegiate chapter, join a committee appointed by the Executive Council, offer to be a Project Director as new needs are identified and special projects emerge. Serve as a Regional Officer for Collegiate or Alumni Affairs, or swing for the fences and run for a Grand Officer position!
Whether you choose to stay involved on a local, regional, or national level, Phi Delta Chi will always be your home in pharmacy. Stay connected with our fraternity and declare your commitments to the Fraternity by paying your alumni dues annually. So long as each of us is a true Brother, we are Brothers for life!