Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award

Each of our chapters is guided by the wisdom of a Chapter Advisor. While many of our Advisors have been Brothers of Phi Delta Chi since their collegiate days, some Advisors are selected by the chapters and are initiated as graduate Brothers. The role of the Advisor is to provide guidance to the chapter and counsel in times of need, serve as an advocate of the chapter’s activities and facilitate positive change. Students come and go through the chapter but our Advisors are the stabilizing force of our chapters. To recognize the importance of the Advisor to the chapter and the Fraternity, the Outstanding Advisor Award was established in 1996. The criteria for this award is a written report by the chapter, detailing the advisor’s role in the chapter’s activities. The selection committee does not consider the faculty’s professional accomplishments, only the fraternal ones.


Specifically, the Advisor should:

  • Meet on a regular basis with the chapter’s leaders (officers and committee chairs).

  • When possible, attend the Formal or another meeting of the entire chapter on a monthly basis.

  • Be available to advise and counsel any Brother in need of such.

  • Serve as a point of contact for the National and Regional Officers with regard to the chapters.

  • Compliance with established Chapter Standards and Fraternity and college policies.

  • Serve in any other capacity mutually agreed upon by the Advisor and chapter.

Award Recipients


YearNameChapterPharmacy School
2023Bonnie BrownAlpha PhiButler University
2022Jason VarinTheta & Beta PsiUniversity of Minnesota & University of Minnesota - Duluth
2021 (tie)Dena DillonNuUniversity of Iowa
2021 (tie)Kirk HevenerOmegaUniversity of Tennessee
2020Sarah GradyPsiDrake University
2019Brittany Cogdill JonesAlpha KappaMedical University of South Carolina
2018Karen BastianelliBeta Psi University of Minnesota - Duluth 
2017Peggy CarverAlphaUniversity of Michigan
2016G. Thomas WilsonTauPurdue University
2015Ronald AlkanaOmicronUniversity of Southern California
2014Sonya FraustoGamma IotaCalifornia Northstate College of Pharmacy
2013David LeeAlpha NuUniversity of Arizona
2012Helen E. SmithGamma NuUniversity of the Incarnate Word
2011J. Tyler StevensAlpha DeltaCommonwealth University
2010David KinderAlpha UpsilonOhio Northern University
2009Ray TraficanteAlpha SigmaUniversity of Illinois
2008Stanley PoloyacMuUniversity of Pittsburgh
2007Robert CisnerosBeta KappaCampbell University
2006Dave KrelingDeltaUniversity of Wisconsin
2005No award  
2004No award  
2003No award  
2002Walter J. Pierron, Jr.Beta BetaUniversity of Louisiana at Monroe
2001No award  
2000Kenneth J. BlumeAlpha ThetaAlbany College Of Pharmacy
1999Stephen J. CutlerAlpha RhoMercer University
1998Ray TraficanteAlpha SigmaUniversity of Illinois
1997Ralph SaroyanAlpha PsiUniversity of the Pacific
1996No award  
1995Dave KrelingDeltaUniversity of Wisconsin