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2019 Executive Council Candidates
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The following are the declared candidates for the Executive Council positions that will be voted on at this summer's Grand Council.  The candidates are listed in alphabetical order by office.


 Grand President



My name is Andrea Bourque and I am seeking the elected position for Grand President of Phi Delta Chi. Over the past four years, I have had the honor and privilege to serve Phi Delta Chi as the Grand Vice President for Alumni Affairs. What is a true leader? It is a Brother of Phi Delta Chi. It is someone who is not afraid to take risk. It is someone who is not afraid to make the hard decisions. A true leader is someone that doesn't think "We can't do that" but instead thinks "How can we make that happen?" and "Why not?" True leaders have to be able to do something different and go off the beaten path. As an organization, Phi Delta Chi has had a lot of growth and change and with that uncertainty amongst it Brothers. As your Grand President, I would focus on reunifying our Brotherhood and bring us back to our core values....Leaders in Pharmacy, Brothers for Life.
 Grand Vice President for Alumni Affairs



My name is Amanda Norman and I am running for the office of Grand Vice President for Alumni Affairs. It has been my pleasure to serve Phi Delta Chi as the Pacific Regional Director for Alumni Affairs for the past three years and in that time, I have had the opportunity to work with an exceptional team of brothers to expand and grow the alumni network across the country. The brothers I have met and interacted with continue to show me the endless possibilities available in Phi Delta Chi. I have experienced first hand the diversity, dedication, passion and expertise of our alumni brothers and if elected, I plan to continue to develop programming and resources geared toward the education, engagement and participation of our alumni brothers, “wherever they may be found.”
 Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs



Thomas Edison said "If there is a better solution, find it". I've operated on this principle for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it just takes a different perspective to get the job accomplished.



 My name is J.T. "Sub-Zero" Simonsen and I am running for the position of Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs. Since my induction in 2014 I have served Phi Delta Chi, first as the Beta Sigma Chapter's Worthy Liaison, then as the Mountain Regional Correspondent the following year. In these collegiate positions I was able to delve deep into our fraternity and make an impact in my Chapter as well as the Mountain Region. I facilitated CHeQ visits, advised Brothers, and grew some amazing friendships along the way. After graduation I solidified my commitment to our fraternity by becoming a Brother for Life. Since then, I have continued to serve on multiple committees, refining our rituals, reshaping our workshops, and enhancing the Brotherhood experience. Within each of these committees, learning the nuts and bolts of our fraternity has been both enlightening and satisfying. I have also been blessed to be able to offer scholarships to Brothers across the country, which has allowed them to save a little money to attend conferences. Now that I am centralized in my own pharmacy practice, I am able to more completely devote myself to serving in a leadership position full-time. As GVPCA, I look forward to each Chapter's successes, and will be available to provide guidance should a Chapter be suffering or have questions about our policies and procedures. Each Chapter is unique in their aspirations and struggles, and I look forward to learning more about each one as I serve my Brothers. I have worked alongside and befriended many of this year's candidates over the past four years, and know that whoever is elected will give it their all. We are leaders in pharmacy, Brothers for life, and it would be my pleasure to continue to serve you as your Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs.
Landon Weaver My name is Landon Weaver and I am running for the position of Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs. I have served Phi Delta Chi in multiple capacities over the past eight years as Worthy Chief Counselor of the Beta Psi Chapter, Midwest Regional Director for Collegiate Affairs, and (currently) Great Lakes Regional Director for Collegiate Affairs. In each of these distinct roles, I have overcome a variety of unique challenges - and it is through those challenges that I developed the leadership skills necessary for a Grand Officer to uphold. As Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs, I will work to ensure all Chapters of Phi Delta Chi are running efficiently and effectively. I will support Collegiate Chapters in their endeavors to improve, learn, and grow while maintaining Chapter Standards and adherence to our Ritual. I also intend to increase transparent communication bidirectionally between the Executive Council and Collegiate Brothers. I will hold the Regional Directors for Collegiate Affairs to a high standard in order to best serve Collegiate Chapters. The crowning glory of each Phi Delta Chi Brother is to serve and I would love nothing more than to continue serving our fraternity through the role of Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs. Thank you for your consideration.
 Grand Vice President for Communications
Claire Anderson Since my election to Grand Vice President for Communications in 2017, I have been blessed to see firsthand the breadth of leadership and the depth of caring that our fraternity provides. The link that every Brother shares with each other is strong, but it only remains strong with the leadership and hard work provided by our national officers. I have experienced first-hand the importance this connection can have. I likely would not have put myself out in front of so many people if I had not witnessed the outpouring of love and respect shared between Brothers of Phi Delta Chi. I aspire to always give more to this fraternity and the people around me than I will receive in return. That is why I would like to continue into the next term as Grand Vice President for Communications. I've already learned so much this term, and I would be honored to continue to learn how I can use my creative talents to excite and inspire the Brotherhood to stay engaged as Brothers for Life.
 Grand Vice President for Student Affairs



Hello Brothers, I am extremely thrilled to be running for the position of GVPSA! As WCC and two-time WC for my chapter, as well as currently serving as the Pacific Regional Correspondent, I have extensive experience with the Achievement Award Program. I have great ideas for the position, and I know that I have the organizational, time management, and communication skills needed to pull them off. I am hugely passionate about Phi Delta Chi, as it has given me innumerable opportunities to grow as a person, leader, and future pharmacist. I would not have grown into the person I am today if not for this organization enriching the lives and careers of its Brothers. I would be incredibly honored to serve as GVPSA and be able to give back to future Brothers and continue the legacy of leadership and Brotherhood that made my experiences in Phi Delta Chi so wonderful. AAAE, Anna



Hello everyone! My name is Anthony McDonald and I’m running to be your next Grand Vice President for Student Affairs. When I was initiated into the Brotherhood as a first-year pharmacy student at WSU, I had no idea how meaningful my experiences among the Brothers of Phi Dex would be. Over the last two years, I’ve been heavily involved with the Gamma Psi chapter serving as the Worthy Keeper of Finance and most recently, the Worthy Chief Counselor. I am qualified from the experience I have working closely with other leaders to produce safe, effective, and efficient outcomes. If elected, I would have the amazing opportunity to work closely with regional leadership teams to help problem solve any issues they may arise. By doing so I will also be helping them realize their own ability, potential, and overall greatness. With that, every region and chapter are unique with their own vision and challenges; embracing and leveraging uniqueness is key to every chapter’s success. Should the Brotherhood put their trust in me as their next GVPSA, I assure you that I will continue to give my best efforts to the Brothers of Phi Delta Chi across the nation. Thank you so much for your consideration!

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