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2017 Executive Council Candidates
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The following are the declared candidates for the Executive Council positions that will be voted on at this summer's Grand Council.  The candidates are listed in alphabetical order by office.  Details of the Executive Council Election Process can be found here.


 Grand President




Traci is a born and raised Texan. She grew up in the South Plains area of Texas surrounded by cotton fields. She had no idea what she wanted to be when she grew up, and when filling out her application for college had to select a profession of interest. Her dad said “Why not pharmacy?” and so the box was checked and the rest is history. Traci went across the state to Texas A&M University to get her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science and graduated in 2001. She worked at the TAMU Veterinary School Large Animal Hospital Pharmacy during undergrad and after being accepted into The University of Texas College of Pharmacy she decided she needed to learn about human drugs and began working at Walgreens. She pledged Phi Delta Chi with Lambda Chapter in 2001 and was initiated that fall.

Traci served Lambda as WKRS and WCC. She attended her first Regional Meeting in Amarillo in 2002 and her first Grand Council in Minnesota in 2003. Traci attended her first South central Regional Founders’ Day in Texas in 2002 and has currently attended for 16 years. She was WCC when Lambda hosted SC Regional Conference in 2004, and has continued to find ways to attend LDS, and GC post-graduation. Traci served as Texas Alumni Chapter President from 2009-2011. Traci was asked to serve on the National Alumni Constitution and Bylaws Committee in 2011. She previously served the fraternity as South central Regional Director for Alumni Affairs from 2011-2013 before being elected to the position of Grand Vice President of Alumni Affairs at the 69th Grand Council in Omaha, NE. Following two years serving as GVPAA and developing programs such as the AAAE Campaign and the Alumni Professional Development Scholarships she ran and became the second female Grand President at the 70th Grand Council in Albuquerque, NM.

Professionally, Traci completed a PGY1 General Practice Residency at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas with Texas Tech University Health Science Center in 2006. She remained on at PHD for almost a year before starting at a small community hospital where she helped to establish clinical services over her 4 years there. She then began working for Methodist Dallas Medical Center as a Clinical Pharmacist. She initially worked on a medicine/telemetry floor focusing on CHF and post-cardiac intervention patients before transitioning to be a member of the Liver Transplant team. She was a preceptor for several pharmacy schools in Texas and for the MDMC PGY1 residency program. After five years with MDMC and 12 years living in the Dallas area her family relocated to Lubbock, TX. Traci currently works for Covenant Medical Center serving both a nephrology and med/surgical floor. She has the privilege to round with an internist and is able to work in her favorite specialty of internal medicine. Personally, Traci has been married to Mike for 15 years and has two daughters, Audrey 12, and Olivia 10. In her spare time as a soccer mom, she is realizing she has no spare time, but she likes to read, share a glass of wine with friends, craft, travel, and relax.

 Grand Vice President for Alumni Affairs



  Back in 2007 I could have never imaged just how much of an impact joining Phi Delta Chi would have on the rest of my life. In November of 2007, I was initiated into the Rho Chapter, University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, within the Southcentral Region. I very quickly became active and involved;
serving on various committees, serving as the Worthy Master of Arms, and finally as Worthy Vice Counselor. In 2009, I took my first trip to Grand Council, and that trip would forever change my life.

During that Grand Council in Phoenix, I met my future husband, Jason Hollingworth (Beta Rho). Upon graduation Jason and I return to Louisiana and began to become heavily involved in our local community. From 2014-2016 I spent my spare time serving as the Southcentral Regional Director for Alumni Affairs and supporting our chapters in the Southcentral Region. In 2016 at the 70th Grand Council I was elected as the next Grand Vice President for Alumni Affairs. I knew it would be a great opportunity to take on a larger role within the fraternity and I was an honor for me to have served as Grand Vice President for Alumni Affairs for the past 2 years. 
 Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs



  I was not a typical pharmacy student.i did not enter pharmacy school until I was 28. I had the opportunity to go to Purdue and I took it. I packed up and left Florida for Indiana. I spent the first year getting used to a new environment and pharmacy school. My second year when I returned to Purdue in the fall, I was ready to become more active. I had no inclination towards fraternities when I was younger, but I decided to reevaluate since the fraternities were professional. Purdue has PDC, Kappa Psi and Kappa Epsilon. After much though, I decided to pledge Phi Delta Chi and it took off from there. I was vice president of my pledge class. The very next meeting after my initiation was chapter elections. I was elected as Worthy Correspondent (nobody else wanted the job). It was one of best things I could have done starting out in the fraternity. I gained an immense amount of knowledge of the fraternity workings. As a bonus, Tau placed 10th in the Thurston with the reports I turned in. It was the first time my chapter had cracked the top 10. As I finished my term as WC, the incoming WCC tasked me with restarting Tau's alumni chapter. With the help of Nancy Alvarez (who was GVPCA at the time), the alumni chapter was rebooted. We held the first meeting at the end of the spring semester before I went on rotations and Nancy was able to attend. I was elected President and held the office for 5 years. As I moved to alumni status, I took on several jobs over the years. I have served as RDCA and RDAA a couple of terms each and I also served as a colony coordinator for Gamma Epsilon and Gamma Lambda. I have served as co-coordinator or coordinator (I took over the job solely after the second year it was in Dallas) for 9 years. I have even helped research for new edition of the history book that recently came out. No matter what job I've had, I enjoyed it and look forward to more in the future 

John Mondin

  John was raised in a small town in Southwestern Pennsylvania. After finishing high school, he pursued an undergraduate degree in pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, but came to the realization after only one semester that he was not happy in a laboratory setting and wanted more. He began working at a local pharmacy, which was the spark that ignited his passion for Pharmacy. John applied for a change of major and was accepted into the PharmD program at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy of University of the Sciences. He quickly excelled extracurricularly, as he was invited to sit on the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy Student Council, as well as the PharmD Program Executive, Curriculum, and ACPE Standards for Students committees, and was inducted into Phi Lambda Sigma during his P2 year. He also shined academically - having received the GlaxoSmithKline Commencement Award, presented to a doctor of pharmacy candidate who demonstrates the ability to critically analyze patient cases and solve therapeutic problems, at graduation in 2014. Professionally, John has practiced at both small independent and mail order pharmacies in addition to health-system pharmacies. He completed his PGY1 pharmacy practice residency and PGY2 cardiology pharmacy residency at Saint Joseph Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. He currently practices as a clinical pharmacy specialist in cardiovascular critical care at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center in Webster, Texas.

John was initiated into the Epsilon Chapter of Phi Delta Chi in 2009 at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. He developed a strong passion for the Fraternity and began pouring his heart into the Fraternity, along with the other 21 refounding Brothers of the Epsilon Chapter. On the Chapter level, he has held the offices of Worthy Keeper of Records and Seals and Worthy Correspondent. In 2012, John was elected Northeast Regional Correspondent, and in 2013 was elected Grand Vice President for Student Affairs by the 69th Grand Council. During his tenure as GVPSA, all Collegiate Chapters achieved at least 90% in the Achievement Award Program – a first in the history of the program.

Following the 70th Grand Council, John served as the Great Lakes Regional Director for Collegiate Affairs and assisted with the Risk Management Chapter of the New Member Education Manual to be implemented this upcoming year. He has attended numerous Phi Delta Chi events throughout the country including: three Grand Councils, three Regional Conferences, three Leader Development Seminars, and numerous Founders’ Day celebrations. He has also had the privilege to be at four collegiate chapter activations (aside from the reactiviation of Epsilon) and countless initiations. John’s favorite trips have been those to Chapters through the Chapter Excellence and Quality (ChEQ) Program, as seeing Chapters take their passion for the Brotherhood to the next level always leaves him with a smile. Through the ChEQ Program, local, regional, & national events, road trips, as well as personal expeditions, John has spent time visiting 18 collegiate chapters. Personally, John enjoys spending time outside, especially on the beach or the golf course, air travel, attending college basketball and football games, and wine tasting. 
 Grand Vice President for Communications

Claire Anderson


I moved from northern Illinois to North Carolina in 2009 to attend Wingate University School of Pharmacy where I graduated in 2013. I am currently a Pharmacy Manager for CVS Pharmacy in Seattle, Washington. I truly could not have imagined upon graduation how much Phi Delta Chi would mean to me today, but I think this is mainly because I was not a Brother of PDC when I graduated.
During pharmacy school, I was very introverted and was not prepared to put myself and my unique strengths to the test by joining organizations. It was in 2014 when my husband Kevin joined PDC as a student that I was first exposed to the true significance of this Brotherhood. The Collegiate Brothers of Beta Omega welcomed me as if I was already one of them and provided a wealth of friendship and support. This support and the desire to reciprocate helped me to utilize my strengths as well as my creative talents to benefit the chapter. To say I was honored when the WCC asked me if I would like to pledge as the first ever graduate Brother of the Beta Omega chapter, is a complete understatement. Since my initiation in February 2016, I have met and talked with Brothers from all around the country doing amazing things: running organizations, presenting leadership seminars, mentoring students, sharing their experiences and honing their expertise.
It has been amazing to see the breadth of leadership and the depth of caring that our fraternity provides. The link that every Brother shares with each other is strong, but it only remains strong with the leadership and hard work provided by our national officers. I have experienced first-hand the importance this connection can have. I likely would not have put myself out in front of so many people if I had not witnessed the outpouring of love and respect shared between Brothers of PDC. I aspire to always give more to this fraternity and the people around me than I will receive in return. That is why I would like to be the next Grand Vice President for Communications. It would be an honor to use my creative talents to excite and inspire the Brotherhood to do more than they ever dreamed possible. 


Yancey Lockhart


I was born in Kingsport Tennessee in January 1986. I grew up in rural southwest Virginia, attended obtained my Bachelors of Business Administration at nearby King College in Bristol Tn. I meet and fell in love with my wife Nikki shortly before starting pharmacy school in 2010. While at the Appalachian College of Pharmacy in Oakwood, where I was awarded my Pharmd in 2013, during my P1 year I had the opportunity to Pledge the Gamma Gamma Chapter of Phi Delta Chi. I will be honest it was a difficult choice, some of the first people I made friends with during the early days of pharmacy school pledged another fraternity. So I found myself in a bit of a pickle, what to do? So I looked at the pharmacists who had inspired me to pursue this most honorable profession, guess what one and all they we without exception Phi Delta Chi. So after realizing that; I decide to turn in my bid or to quote Frost

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

The experiences I have had in and with PDC have changed me in ways I didn’t even think possible. I became a better student, pharmacist, leader, Christian, husband, and man for making that simple choice. I once said to a wizened brother for something to mean something you have to do something. Thus I must and will seek to serve the fraternity in a position that will allow me to use my talents and skill to further our brotherhood to the zenith of its potential and beyond. I look forward to answering questions and explaining my qualifications and goals for office at the convenience of the brotherhood. 

 Grand Vice President for Student Affairs
Marilyn Sharon Gaske    I am from Arlington Heights, a northwest suburb of Chicago – you may know Arlington Park Racetrack – I grew up about 2 minutes north of that. I went to the University of Illinois at Chicago for both my undergraduate and pharmacy studies, where I now enter my 4th and final year as a pharmacy student. I didn’t always want to be a pharmacist – I had dreams of being a pastry chef until I was in high school. My mom took me to see culinary schools, but it wasn’t until an internship made me realize that baking the best-selling chocolate cake again and again every week was not the life I had dreamt of. While baking is still a hobby, pharmacy has become my life. My life feels most comfortable when it is full, and I find it rewarding to have outcomes for the time I put in, whether that be through one of my hobbies or professional organizations. I was very involved in my APhA-ASP Chapter as Policy Vice President, and received the APhA Good Government Student Pharmacist-of-the-Year award for my innovative efforts. While I will remain to be involved in both my local association and APhA, my sights are set on improving Phi Delta Chi. It is here we learn to become Brothers, to show compassion for others, and to hone our communication skills for clinical use. Through my time at the Alpha Sigma Chapter, I have served as Pledge Mother and Worthy Correspondent, in addition to the Midwest Project Director for Communications (MWPDC). In all three roles, I brought fresh ideas and new perspectives to a changing landscape. Because my Chapter was on probation during my pledging season, I know that cultural change is never easy. We worked very hard to shift the mindset of our own Brothers and our University, and we became stronger because of it. As MWPDC, I established a new place for Communications on a Regional level. I will bring my unique skills, passion, and dedication to the Grand Vice President of Student Affairs to make our Collegiate experience and Alumni relations even better. Don’t you worry – I have some big plans for the Achievement Award Program, but I’ll need your help to make them successful. While pharmacy is my life, I also enjoy a slew of hobbies: sewing, knitting, photography, baking, kombucha-making, and playing piano. I use a bicycle as my main mode of transportation, and I’ve been practicing yoga daily for almost 6 years. I live with my boyfriend of 3 years, Jackson, who is a graphic designer for UIC; we have a pretty cool fish tank. My current career ambition is hospital administration, but I am going through rotations with an open mind. If you have any questions or would like to chat, please find me on Facebook!
            Emma Leffler   Emma Leffler, a fourth-year pharmacy student at Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU) and a native Texan, aspires to promote self-empowerment, optimism, and healthy lifestyles to everyone she meets. She was inducted into the Alpha Omega chapter in December 2012 as a college freshman and becoming a brother of the best fraternity was one of the greatest decisions she has made in her life. She has served as the Worthy Prelate for 2 years and acted as the chief editor for the chapter’s publication “The Stimulator” and managed the chapter’s social media pages. She went on to serve as the Worthy Chief Counselor. While in this office, Emma fostered a strong sense of brotherhood, lead the chapter in hosting its first 5K Glow Run (which raised over $4,500 for the American Cancer Society), guided her chapter through new ritual changes and provided leadership/personal development opportunities by establishing interactive workshops, school wide events and encouraging participation for members to attend regional meetings.

In 2014, Alpha Omega hosted the Southcentral Regional Conference, and Emma assisted by being a crucial member of the executive committee and helped finalize plans. Hosting regionals inspired her to attend her first national conference, the 2014 Leadership Development Seminar in Tampa, Florida—shout out to TEAM SPIRIT! The spirit of the brotherhood did not stop there…she has attended every national conference since and was the collegiate speaker welcoming our 100th chapter Delta Delta at the 2016 Grand Council in St. Louis, Missouri. She aspires to attend every Grand Council she can just like the Grand Poobah!

Outside of Phi Delta Chi, Emma has been a SWOSU APHA-ASP member for three years and was the chair for both Operation Heart and Operation Over-the-Counter Medication Safety which provided health clinics and medication label education within the community. She was inducted into Phi Lamba Sigma and was elected as the Chemical Dependency Seminar co-chair. In this position, she attended the APhA Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence in Salt Lake City, Utah and invited one of the institute’s speakers to come talk to the students and faculty at SWOSU. In the summer, she has contributed to the empowerment of 8th grade girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) as a camp counselor for Tech Trek at SWOSU. She also has served on SWOSU’s Collegiate Activities Board since she was a freshman and maintains a healthy lifestyle by being a Team Beachbody coach.

Emma enjoys musical theatre, binge watching Netflix, completing her Pokémon Go pokédex and cats. She is looking forward to rotations and plans to interview for a fellowship in medical affairs/medical science liaison this fall. Overall, Emma leads by example – she values the importance of brotherhood and believes together we can reignite the Achievement Award Program. She would be honored to be the next Grand Vice President for Student Affairs.
Ralph Reyes  

Originally from Staten Island, NY, I am a class of 2018 student pharmacist at Northeastern University (Boston, MA). At our School of Pharmacy, I am a member of Phi Delta Chi, Phi Lambda Sigma, Rho Chi, Industry Pharmacist Organization, and Pharmacy Student Governing Organization. I became the 80th initiate Brother of the Beta Chi Chapter of PDC in the fall of 2012. Over the last 5 years, I have served my Chapter as Worthy Prelate, Worthy Chief Counselor, and then Worth Inner Guard. I am lucky to have been given the opportunity to serve my region as the North East Regional Correspondent this past year and I am running for the position of Grand Vice President of Student Affairs to potentially expand my service to the national Fraternity as a whole.

Alongside the mentioned leadership positions I have taken on, my past professional experience includes working as a pharmacist intern at CVS Pharmacy (Hoboken, NJ), as a clinical operations intern at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (Cambridge, MA) and I currently work part time at Shriner’s Hospital for Children (Boston, MA). I am also employed by a professor at Northeastern, helping design a pharmaceutical website for his research lab for grant proposals and future opportunities for his research group.

My hobbies include eating and running, and I hope to run a marathon one day (maybe). My career aspirations include working in the pharmaceutical Industry and eventually (way down the line) in academia as a college professor. I enjoy the beach, ice cream), and spending time with my friends and family. I have not missed a national or regional meeting since 2014 and I cannot wait to meet more Brothers at the 2017 Grand Council in our nation’s capital! AAAE

James Winslow  

When I began my undergraduate education, I left home in Jacksonville, Florida, to attend the University of Mississippi. There I found a new home when I was initiated into the Alpha Epsilon chapter of Phi Delta Chi in January of 2013. During my years at Alpha Epsilon, I served as both Worthy Prelate and Worthy Correspondent. I then returned to my native state to attend pharmacy school at the University of Florida, where I saw the opportunity to bring the brotherhood I had experienced at Alpha Epsilon to UF. Amid my first professional year, I had the honor of serving as Colony Coordinator for what is now the Delta Delta chapter of Phi Delta Chi, and the privilege of watching the chapter blossom and grow since its inception. This past year, I served as Worthy Correspondent for Delta Delta and furthered my involvement by working as a member of the national Brotherhood Education Committee. Since my initiation, I have greatly enjoyed meeting my Brothers from across the nation. I have attended the 2014 and 2016 Leader Development Seminars, 2014 and 2016 Southeast Regional Conferences, and the 2015 Grand Council.

Outside of school, I work as an Intern at a Publix Pharmacy. I enjoy staying fit, watching college sports, taking photos, and helping my Brothers. I hope to work as a Clinical Pharmacist or as a pharmacy professor, moving our profession forward. 

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