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e-Communicator April 2017
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April 2017

Volume 8 Number 4


Grand Council is Coming; Applications for National and Regional Offices are Open 


The 71st Grand Council is only months away and registration is live. Visit here to register!


As outlined in our constitution, every two years at Grand Council we elect our Grand Officers. Have you ever considered running? Are you interested? Now is the time to start talking with current and past Grand Officers to see what each role involves. You may visit our website to find more detailed job descriptions as well as a link to submit your actual application for an office.  Brothers must submit their application for Grand Officer by July 29th before Grand Council starts in order to be considered. Please acquaint yourself with the election procedure policy that can be found on the website.


Don’t think you are quite ready for a National Office but want to become more involved by running for a Regional Office? This is a great way to get more involved and gain an understanding on how the organization operates whether you are a collegiate or alumni Brother. Please review the newly updated job descriptions webpage for our Regional Officers for information on these positions. We will be accepting applications from collegiate Brothers for Regional Correspondent (to be elected during a Regional Caucus), and from alumni Brothers for Regional Director for Collegiate Affairs as well as for Alumni Affairs (to be selected from the applications by the newly elected EC).


With the proposal for the new position of Regional Director of Communications to be voted on at Grand Council, we will also be accepting applications for this new position in case it is approved. This position as proposed will accept both collegiate and alumni Brothers as options and will also be selected by the newly elected EC. If this position is not approved we will contact the Brothers who applied to find other opportunities for serving. This year we are also preferring the Regional Directors to be two-year positions instead of the traditional one-year position to allow for more continuity with the elected Grand Officers.


Please do not hesitate to contact any of your Regional or National Officers if you have any questions we can help you with in making a decision to serve our great Fraternity.



State of the Fraternity Address -- Delivered at the Phi Delta Chi Reception, APhA Annual Meeting, March 2017


On behalf of the Phi Delta Chi Executive Council and the National Office I welcome each of you here tonight. I am pleased to see such a great turn out again and would like to spend a moment welcoming some distinguished guests. The following National Officers are present with us - Amy Valdez, Grand Past President, Tiffany Johnson, Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs, Andrea Bourque, Grand Vice President for Alumni Affairs, Grand Vice President for Student Affairs, Brandon Hill, and I am your current Grand President, Traci Thompson. We also have with us Assistant Executive Director, Eric Barbye. I hope you had time during the conference to come visit us and PLEI at our booths. I would also like any Regional Officers to please stand and be recognized. We thank you for your service to the Chapters in your Region and to the Fraternity. We have several Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute (PLEI) board members with us tonight as well. Would those present please stand and be recognized. We thank you for your service to our Foundation and to the Fraternity. I hope many of you could be present at the PLEI Albert B. Prescott Leadership Award Presentation that happened just before we started. We are grateful to PLEI and Phi Lambda Sigma for their sponsorship of this award and congrats again to the winner Afton M. Wagner. I would also like to congratulate and extend our best wishes for the newly inducted President of APhA, our very own Alpha Nu Alumnus, Nancy Alvarez. We could not be prouder of what she has and will accomplish.


Your entire Regional and Grand Officers met shortly after Grand Council in 2015 and developed our Top 5 Goals. We are on track to completing each of them.

  1. The Communications Modernization Act of 2015. This has advanced us in the realm of the communications world including the addition of a new Jorwalk employee to assist with media concerns (social media and website functions) as well as bringing forward several proposals to vote on at GC one of which includes the addition of a new role called Regional Director of Communications.
  2. Review the format and programming of all Phi Delta Chi conferences. This review was conducted by a committee whose recommendations were reviewed by the EC. Proposals for changes will be voted on at Grand Council this summer, including the biggest change to our conference formats to change to yearly Grand Councils.
  3. Evaluate the current member selection process requirements and implement a revised formal education process. We currently have a Brother Education Committee who has been working hard for over a year to revamp our education process. We plan on rolling out the new manual at Grand Council with its very own Officer Training Course you can attend to learn how to implement the new process at your chapter.
  4. Evaluate and implement new standards for Alumni Chapters. Andrea’s team has been very busy creating more guidelines and process to assist our Alumni Chapters.
  5. Develop a 5-year strategic plan. We held a retreat with a group of great minds and developed a plan to lead us into the future. We are looking outside the box to advance Phi Delta Chi in ways we have not considered before. We will have some more specific announcements in this regards for you at Grand Council.

Your Grand Officers have been busy over the last two years and I will try my best to summarize their accomplishments as quickly as I can.


Tiffany and the Collegiate Affairs Team created an Advisor Toolkit that is now available on the Phi Delta Chi website. Not only has the Chapter Excellence and Quality Program (better known as ChEQ) training and follow-up program has been revamped, we have also increased the number of ChEQ visits provided to our collegiate Chapters from 16 to 24 per year. Tiffany is also working with a group of Brothers to create resources for Chapters on our expulsion process. Who’s excited about Regionals 2018? You’d be happy to know that all eight regions have nearly confirmed dates and locations which will be announced soon. The world of collegiate expansion has enabled the chartering of our 100th Chapter, Delta Delta at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida and our 101st Chapter, Delta Epsilon at the Chapman University School of Pharmacy in Irvine, CA. Last, but surely not least, Tiffany is working alongside the Grand Vice President for Student Affairs, Brandon Hill, in overseeing the Brother Education Committee to complete our newly revised Phi Delta Chi Education Manual to be presented at Grand Council and implemented for the upcoming school year. We are ecstatic in the vision of this committee and our Brothers to provide to your educational materials that are bigger, better, and greater than ever before.


The Alumni Affairs Team has had a very busy and productive year. Since the last Grand Council, the Hawaii Alumni Chapter and Beta Alpha Alumni Chapter have both received their alumni chapter charters; and we anticipate three to four more by Grand Council this summer. Due to the large interest in creating alumni chapters, the Alumni Affairs Team has created a new Follow-Up Program for newly formed Alumni Chapters. This program will be executed by the Project Director for Alumni Relations with the goal to create more sustainable Alumni chapters, while providing a direct line of communication to the National Office. At the beginning of March, the 2017 Alumni Professional Development Scholarship Recipients were announced—I am pleased to report that to date over $18,000 has been awarded to our alumni leaders! Have you visited our website yet? Login and find new job opportunities waiting for you through our new Career Center. What about our new resume review service? A resume review service is available to all members. This is free of charge to all members in good standing. Please find the flyers throughout the room for more information. Finally, to all our Alumni, have you made plans for Grand Council in Washington, D.C. this summer? A few of the highlights include an Alumni Reception at the Potomac View Terrace at APhA, an Alumni Leadership Track, earn free CEs, and much more. Andrea and the Alumni Affairs Team look forward to seeing you in Washington, D.C.!


To support the first of the goals I mentioned (the CMA of 2015), our Grand Vice President for Communications, Jeff Prescott, while focusing on keeping our regular publications rolling out (which includes our print Communicators and our digital eCommunicator) is also focused on the future of the office and its responsibilities. In line with the CMA2015, we are proposing Constitution and Bylaw changes to be voted on this summer at Grand Council to update the language describing the work done by the GVPC, as well as creation of a new regional office, one to specifically support communications. To pilot this position, we have recruited a regional team of project directors of communication to assist in obtaining and sharing information at a regional and local level and to assist in producing content for our publications.


Aside from his work on the goals, Jeff has also gotten us acquainted with webinar technology. While not new for many of us professionally, it has been a great tool for the EC to communicate with our Brothers in the past few months. Moving forward, Jeff and his team will be developing an ongoing plan to host regular events to share a variety of information regarding Fraternity and chapter operations, as well as professional development.


Although Brandon Hill, Grand Vice President for Student Affairs, and his team of Regional Correspondents were not tasked with formal goals they have played major roles in advancing those of the Fraternity by assisting other Grand and Regional Officers. As of February 2017, the Achievement Award Program has transitioned to an online platform making submission and grading easier on all those involved. A major project shared by Brandon and his RCs is promoting our philanthropic relationship with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I am happy to announce Phi Delta Chi has agreed to be a Bronze level sponsor of the St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer for the second year in a row. Last year Brothers raised approximately $39,000 just through this sponsorship. Last year we also completed our $1 million pledge in 6 years instead of 10. Brandon and our St. Jude liaison, Mary Kate Tolan, are excited to reveal our new goal and more information related to Phi Delta Chi’s marketing techniques at Grand Council. There will also be a breakfast education workshop you can attend to learn more about advancing your Chapter’s role with St Jude during Grand Council.


It has been a true pleasure and honor working with each of your elected Vice Presidents and our Past President. I have learned a lot about being a leader of great leaders. We are excited to celebrate the end our current term this summer at the 71st Grand Council held in Washington DC this August. Registration is now open and I do hope you are making plans on attending. Please be aware we are going to be crunched on our size and will have to limit to the first 600 registrations. I also want to please ask our Alumni to register by July 15th to undergo security screening to attend our Alumni Reception on Friday evening. Collegiates remember each Chapter will receive 1 free registration for 1 Delegate to attend. I also encourage those that are interested in running for a Regional or National office please seek out the current or past officers for advice and assistance in preparing for the position.


Traci Thompson (Lambda)
Grand President
Phi Delta Chi Professional Pharmacy Fraternity



SURVEY: Graduating Brother and Your Future Endeavors

For many of our Brothers graduating this year, rotations are winding down and new plans for your future are being made. Many of you have been applying to residency or fellowship programs, and many others are looking for job offers to secure a position upon graduation.

Remember the leadership and service skills that Phi Delta Chi has provided for you as you begin your next chapter of life. I encourage all graduating Brothers and those alumni who are pursuing additional education to please complete a quick survey to let us know if you matched with a program or if you have accepted a new position. Phi Delta Chi would love to brag about you. Please click the link below to take the survey.

Residency/Fellowship/Job Update Survey. (



Webinar Announcement: Proposed Constitution and Bylaw Amendments


The 71st Grand Council is only months away and there are several amendments proposed that we will be discussing and voting on. Your Executive Council will be hosting another webinar to provide background and to allow each Brother to ask questions and comments regarding the proposed Constitution and Bylaws amendments before we reach Grand Council. Please have your assigned Chapter Delegate review the proposals on our website ( and attend this meeting. 


The webinar will be held Sunday April 23rd at 8pm EST. Please watch your email for an invitation to attend in the week prior to the event.


LAST CALL: The 2017 PLEI and Phi Delta Chi Video Competition


Your opportunity to SHINE is almost GONE!


The annual video competition supported by PLEI is an opportunity for your Chapter to secure funding to help attend the 71st Grand Council this August in Arlington, Virginia.


To win the scholarship, your Chapter must:

  • Prepare a video (consider it a public service announcement) of no longer than 5 minutes with the following focus: the role of pharmacists in helping (directly or indirectly) with a patient health issue or raising awareness of how the public can utilize pharmacists

  • Demonstrate creativity. Your Chapter has full creative license to interpret the subject matter.

  • Submit your video and documents by Friday April 14, 2017 at 11:59pm EST.  See complete submission details on the website here

Your Chapter has the chance to win one of three scholarships from PLEI of $500, $400, or $300. Winners will be announced in the May e-Communicator.  We look forward to seeing your Chapter shine at Grand Council where the top videos will be displayed.


Good Luck,
Traci Thompson (Lambda)
Grand President



Call for PLEI Volunteers


PLEI, the leadership foundation started by Phi Delta Chi in 1996, seeks volunteers to help with projecting our PLEI image via social media:  PLEI needs a couple web-savvy alumni Brothers who can flex their talents by helping explain PLEI's vibrancy via all the usual (and emerging) social-media apps. We've been so busy working on performing our leadership programs that we haven't taken enough time to brag about them and attract the kind of attention and credit PLEI deserves.


Can you help?  If so, describe your relevant experience and send your resume to PLEI Executive Director Ron Corey at


PLEI is the Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute, a IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) charitable foundation that contributes leadership programming and travel grants to Phi Delta Chi at LDS and Grand Councils. PLEI also supports the profession of pharmacy with leadership programming and an education workbook, Lead-Grow-Shape, now in its second year.



Announcing the 2017 Commemorative Graduation Coin


Phi Delta Chi is beginning a new tradition to help commemorate your graduation from pharmacy school and your beginnings as a Phi Delta Chi Alumni Brother. Starting with the Class of 2011, each new graduate who pays their Alumni dues will receive an official Phi Delta Chi coin that is minted with your graduation year. The coin will have the Greek letters and “Leaders in Pharmacy” on one side. The other side will display the crest, the motto, and “Brothers for Life."


All you must do to get one is pay your first-year Alumni Dues of $40. These first-year dues will assure that you have taken the first step to being a Brother for Life. If you have any questions about the coin, please contact me at


Andrea Bourque (Rho)
Grand Vice President of Alumni Affairs



St. Jude Spotlight


Interesting news and goings on from our philanthropic focus:

  • Inquisitr states a team of experts in virology and infectious disease, including Dr. Stacey L. Schultz-Cherry from the St. Jude Department of Infectious Diseases and Deputy Director of the WHO’s Collaborating Center for Studies on the Ecology of Influenza in Animals and Birds at St. Jude, published a paper entitled “Reversion of Cold-Adapted Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine into a Pathogenic Virus.” The study examined the nasal sprays branded FluMist.

  • According to this release, St. Jude biostatisticians partnered with colleagues in the U.S. and China to develop a tool that sifts through billions of pieces of genetic information to uncover the basis of disease. This new statistical approach, called the set-valued method, can help scientists to learn more from genomic data. 


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